Day 25/365 – Grabbing some air


Day 12/365 – Catch up with friends

Day 11/365 – Editing Sundays

Day 10/365 – Sparring Match

Day 8/365 photography project

Here is my image for today and i like to think it is a creative one, hope you like it

Have a nice day – Archangel

Project 365

Hello guys, it has been quite a while since i have posted on here but i plan to change that now, with it being a new year i have started a new photography project called ‘Project 365’ in which i have to take a photo everyday for the whole year. I will be posting my images on here and my facebook page to show everyone what i take each day. I have done this before back in 2012 and managed to finish it so i wanted to see if i can do it again and learn more about my camera and photography along the way. Below are the first 7 images i have taken, i hope you like them, be sure to visit my photography page to check out more too.

Thanks and see you tomorrow!